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Phuket is an Island in Thailand that is popular for its warm beach water, surfing and the great sea breeze. This area is mostly well known amongst many tourists who prefer this Island to most other islands in Thailand. These tourists, apart from liking the beach and good weather, also visit Phuket in the hope of finding themselves a Thai girlfriend or perhaps marry one of them. They are attracted to Phuket girls friendly nature, especially to tourists and foreign visitors to their country. Here are a few places where tourists or expats are most likely to meet these girls.


The Beer Bar Scene


Most Phuket girls hang out a lot around bars. In Phuket, you will find most of these women in Patong, as this is where most of the bars are concentrated. In this area you will find Soi bars, beer bars as well as Go Go bars. The girls found in these areas are mostly very attractive and will require some money for you to leave with them. Most of the girls who approach you here are working, thus will be more after a good time and less after your money. You can thus chat with them a little and should you like them, can then leave with them.

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Massage Parlors


Here you will find very friendly Phuket girls, though the friendliest are commonly found in the bars. You should however be careful as not all massage parlors have good girls. Some of these girls have naughty behaviors or are prostitutes. The others, though, are mostly keen on doing their job, getting your money and moving you out of the door.


The Girl Friend Experience


A Phuket girl can also offer a unique companionship known as the girlfriend experience, where you hire one specific girl who will be your companion for the duration of time you will be spending in Phuket. You will then be required to pay for things like meals, taxi, drinks, introduction fee when you first requested for this services, as well as for everything else you will be doing together with her. These girls are really after money, and not suitable for long term plans like marriage.


Other Girls


Apart from the girls who work at the bars and massage parlors, there are other Thai girls who hop from bar to bar looking for foreign men. These will usually ask for higher fees as compared to the bar girls due to the fact that they do not levy the bar fines to you. They are pretty charming, though not good material since they are prone to disappearing with your wallet and other valuables they may find in your room. You may also find other girls either on the beach or in shopping malls, with different motives for wanting to befriend you.

Caution should however be taken with regards to Thailand girls and beer bar girls. Some, like the ones who wander the streets looking for foreigners may steal from you, while others may already have foreign boyfriends, or even husbands, and are only after you to buy them drinks or to keep them busy as they wait for their partners to return.