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Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is well known for its vibrant street life and ornate shrines. People visiting Bangkok will definitely find many interesting things as well as sites to visit. These include the floating market, the grand palace and Wat Prakeaw as well as the vibrant nightlife that is common in Bangkok. The nightlife is particularly what makes tourists really love Bangkok, with many bars, nightclubs and experiences that draw them like a flame draws a moth. One other attraction is the girls that are often present in Bangkok’s night life.


Bangkok’s Bar Girls


Bar girls is not an uncommon sight in Thailand. Most of the girls who visit bars in Bangkok come from the rural areas where the pay is very low and the bars provide an opportunity to earn more than they do in their day jobs. Thus, most girls often abandon the rural for the bars and start working as bar girls.

These girls do not dress very provocatively; you will find them in jeans and regular low shoes. They are also not well educated, but have nice smiles and are fun to be around. There are different types of girls who work in these bars. There are the regular bar girls, who are a bit conservative with their dressing but take a genuine liking to the people they meet. They may thus end up spending days with these people.


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Then there are the bar hoping girls, who can be students looking for some pocket money or a short term foreign boyfriend, or those who are not comfortable with the structured bar life and wish to come and go as they please. Then there are the wild and business minded girls, who commonly work at the Go Go bars. These are the bar girls who, after gaining enough confidence, choose the high paying risqué business of show-dancing.


Beer Girls


These girls work in the beer bars but cannot be taken out for a good time, or for short time sex. Their pay is slightly higher than the bar girls’ pay, and they are also more attractive than the bar girls. Their job is to promote a brand of beer in the bar, and sell the beer. Most foreigners who wish to date them normally have to do so after they finish their work, though most of these girls do not like them.

Most of these girls, apart from the work of selling drinks and offering companionship to the visitors in the bars, also engage in sexual activities with the foreign tourists. They offer short time, long time or holiday escapades, all coming in different prices. Foreigners who wish to engage in these activities find that they are expected to buy the girls some lady drinks as well as pay some bar fines before they can take the girls out of the bar. Others still prefer to take the freelance street girls for these activities, and they only have to chat them up very clearly on what they want, and then pay them some money.

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