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Pattaya is a beautiful city on the east coast of Thailand. The city is also a beach resort that is very popular with tourists and expatriates due to its notorious reputation of its sex industry as well as its nightlife. You will thus find many bars sprawled all over the city, which are estimated to be between 1000 and 2000. Many have thus concluded that this nightlife is what has made Pattaya the city it is today. Most of these bars are owned by the locals, with foreigners owning a small portion of them. Some of the most common bars are discussed in this article.


Beer Bars


Beer bars in Pattaya are mostly concentrated on the South of Pattaya. These are normally decorated with fancy lights and have Pattaya girls trying to entice you to go in the bar. Their make is mostly open air, with a counter from where the drinks are served. The bar may or may not have a roof top. The drinks are reasonably priced, and people of all sorts can look to have fun while there. Bar girls do not only entertain people, but also chat with them and are very friendly. Thus, both men and women can enjoy the nightlife in Pattaya from visiting the beer bars.


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Pattaya Girls Short Time Bars


These are bars that are housed indoors, with dark glass that hide whatever is happening inside. There are also some provocatively dressed bar girls who hang out in front of these bars. This serves as a sign of what these bars are about. The short time bars offer short time sexual escapades to visitors for a period of about one hour. These services are usually offered on the upper floors of the bars, with the ground floor catering to those who wish to only have a drink.


Gentleman’s Club


This bar is very similar to the short time bar and is popular with expats who wish to sneak out for a little drink. These bars operate from the afternoon till early evening when they close. They are located in posh areas that are discreetly away from prying eyes, mostly in detached houses. Though this club mainly focuses on the business of serving the customers drinks, you will not miss to find some Pattaya girls offering short time sex services to its male customers. These services are offered discreetly on the upper floors of the club.

Apart from these three types of bars, there are also the Go Go bars that are very infamous for the girls show-dancing in front of the bar’s customers. These bars are most common in the walking street area; the red light district in this city, as well as on some parts of Soi areas.

The customers are normally billed per bottle of beer, though the bills are normally placed in a bin and paid for later. There are bar fines paid for those customers who wish to leave with one of the bar girls. Visitors should know of the few peculiarities that come with visiting one of these bars, which include bell ringing, paying tips as well as buying drinks for the bar ladies.