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    https://www.mizzthai.com/ is an online networking site that its members can use to create a personal profile. It is the perfect site for meeting your old friends or making new ones. This social media site is run by https://www.mizzthai.com/ and by using this site, you agree to be in compliance with this agreement no matter whether you sign up for this site or not. If you do become a member of https://www.mizzthai.com/ and interact with the other members using this website service, please go through this agreement carefully and acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms with following the steps in the registration form.

    In this agreement, you accept the legal terms and conditions for using https://www.mizzthai.com/ services and the Website.

    The agreement can be modified whenever necessary by https://www.mizzthai.com/ and the updates will be posted on the site. You agree that you will be in compliance with the changes after the changes have been posted on the website. This agreement contains https://www.mizzthai.com/ ’s policy for suitable use and the content that is posted on this website, your own rights, responsibilities and restrictions concerning your usage of this website and its Service and its Privacy Policy.

    Please choose the information you will post on this website cautiously and also what is communicated with the other members of this website. If you post any photographs, they are not supposed to contain any nudity, offending material or any violent matter. Information from the website members may contain information that could be inappropriate or offend other members which are supplied through the members’ profiles; and https://www.mizzthai.com/ will not be held responsible or liable for such material.

    https://www.mizzthai.com/ has the authority to keep or discard any information that is posted by you and stop, or limit your use of the website services whenever it wishes without any reason or notice; and it will not be held responsible.

    This site is not responsible for screening or approval of the members, and it does not recommend any member since it’s not an introduction organization. The website does not do any background checks and does not guarantee that the information is accurately supplied by the members. By joining this website, you fully understand that you are solely responsible for your actions in case you meet someone through this site.

    If you decide to take part in any event away from the https://www.mizzthai.com/ website, you agree that it will not be held responsible for any loss that you could incur, e.g. injuries to yourself, death or any property damage which occurred by any event that you decided to partake in offline.

    1) Communication

    You are responsible for any communication and meeting of other members of this site. You understand the website does not verify the members and it also does not ask any questions of its

    members of their past or check the truth of the information posted by them. You understand that https://www.mizzthai.com/ makes no guarantee if they are compatible with the present or the future members; and it does not act on any members’ behalf. It is recommended that in case you would like to meet someone from the website then you carry out your own background checks of the person involved.

    https://www.mizzthai.com/ cannot be held responsible for any damages of any kind, whether indirect, direct, special, general, consequential, compensatory, and incidental, caused by you or someone else with regard to the use of its Service, including but not limited to emotional distress or bodily injury, or any damages caused by communicating with other members of this website or individuals you encounter through it.

    2) Eligibility

    Membership in this Service where cancellation is prohibited. With using this website and its service, you guarantee that all your registration information is true and correct, and you agree that the information that you have provided during the term of your membership will remain like that. You also acknowledge that you’re over 18 years old and that you will use the social network site in compliance with the law and regulations. Your membership can be cancelled without notification if your age declaration seems untrue and if the membership is not for your own use but being shared among other friends with your authorization, including the e-mail and profile that you have submitted. No one else will be held responsible for communication even using the email that is provided with any communication within the members than you.

    3) Terms and Fees

    As long as you are a member of the https://www.mizzthai.com/ website, the agreement will be in full swing while you are using the services; and you are at liberty to cancel your membership whenever you like. However, the administrators may cancel your membership without notifying you. Being a member of this service, you agree that the site authority has the power to dismiss your membership if you have breached the terms and conditions or if you have failed to pay the subscription fees.

    4) Non-commercial use by Members

    It is understood that https://www.mizzthai.com/ cannot be used for commercial use apart from those who have been given permission by the authority of this website.

    Members are not authorized to collect information like user names and email addresses by any means and if anyone is found to send inappropriate mail to other members or linking the website to other sites might be inspected. Any type of advertising and links not associated with https://www.mizzthai.com/ will be removed and could result in canceling your membership. The management of Mizz Thai will also take any legal measures where the website has been used outside the agreement.

    5) Trademark and Patented rights

    https://www.mizzthai.com/ keeps all the trademarks and patented rights for this website and its service. All these rights and information of the website and the licensing bodies may not be copied, changed, shared, distributed and displayed unless you have the written permission to exhibit or sell such information. This does not include the information that is available to the public.

    6) User Information posted

    • You understand that the authority of https://www.mizzthai.com/ may at times evaluate and delete content submitted by the members. Any personal information, messages or photos that are found violating the agreement or any information that is unsavory or against the law and the safety of the members will be deleted.
    • You are solely responsible for any communication and photos that are displayed (will be referred to as "post") and any content that you share with other members.
    • When you post any information on this website, you agree to give the website full licensing and authority to use that content and display it to the public. These information and posts will be removed once you have informed https://www.mizzthai.com/ by mail or removed these yourself.
    • A list of the type of Content illegal and prohibited on this website is given below. https://www.mizzthai.com/ has the right to examine and take proper legal action in its own preference against those who violate this agreement, including but not limited to eliminating the aberrant activities from the website and dismissing the memberships of the violators. Unsuitable material will include content which is:

    • Obviously offensive, like promoting racialism ideas, intolerance or any type of physical abuse to any person or group.
    • Harassing other members
    • Using the website for junk mail or sending unasked emails that can be classified as spam.
    • Containing untrue or deceptive information that can lead to unlawful activities, menacing, defamatory, or rude actions.
    • Promoting other people's copyright publications, like illegally downloaded links or programs that will lead members to these, providing illegal music downloads, and outsmart manufacture-installed protect devices.
    • Having pages that are only accessible through restricted passwords or having images and pages that are hidden.
    • Providing material that is aimed at members who are below 18 in an abusive and sexual manner, and getting personal information from such minor members.
    • Posting information on how to go about doing illegal activities, like manufacturing a weapon, disrespecting someone's privacy or creating viruses.
    • Sharing passwords and personal identification information for dealing with others for any illegal purposes.
    • Regarding business activities and selling products for commercial gains e.g. advertising, barter, pyramid schemes and sweepstakes without the site authority’s written permission.
    • You should use https://www.mizzthai.com/ service that it provides within all the relevant regulations and laws.
    • You should not use the website service for the purpose of selling services or products, and do any advertising to any members. You are not allowed to send any junk mail or chain letters to any of the members and https://www.mizzthai.com/ will take no responsibility for any communication made through this website. It is against the Agreement to make use of any information that has been obtained through the website to plague or injure another individual or to contact, get in touch, advertise or sell anything to another member without the member's prior consent. The site authority is allowed to allocate how many emails the members send in a day as per its own discretion.
    • You should not hide any banner ads on your profile page and any other https://www.mizzthai.com/ page by CSS/HTML and any other ways.
    • If there are any payment irregularities, all the information of your activity can be shared with the payment firm to prove the usage.
    • There is no automation of the site allowed e.g. using scripts in order to add friends.
    • You should not portray any other person who has not signed up for https://www.mizzthai.com/.
    • You are not allowed to use any other member’s name, password or user name. At the same time, you are not permitted to tell any 3rd party your username and password so that they can get access to your account.

    7) Copyright Policy

    As a member, you are not permitted to dispense or remake any material that is trademarked or has copyright ownership without the written permission from the owners of these materials. It is https://www.mizzthai.com/ policy to terminate any person's membership who constantly breaks the infringement laws as soon as the authority is informed by the owner of the material.

    If you think that your material has been posted on this website that violets the copyright laws, you may get in touch with our copyright agents.

    You will need to provide all the information mentioned below:

    • An physical or electrical signature of the individual who may act in support of the copyright owner or in that person's interest
    • A report stating where exactly the material can be seen on the website
    • Your email, home address and telephone number.
    • A letter stating that the material was used without the owner's permission, the law or its agent.
    • A statement that the information provided by you is true and you are the owner of the material or acting as an agent on the owner's behalf.
    • A https://www.mizzthai.com/ Copyright Agent can be contacted through email for any claims that you would like to submit.

    8) Member Dispute

    You are responsible for any disputes that could happen between you and other members. https://www.mizzthai.com/ has the authority but is not obligated to investigate disputes among the members.

    9) Disclaimer

    https://www.mizzthai.com/ is not liable for any false or inappropriate content which is posted on this website or with any of the services provided, no matter if it was caused by the users of this website, the members or any equipment and programming used within the service. Mizz Thai is not liable for any behavior offline or online of any person who is using this website or is a member of the service. The site’s authority and staff do not accept any responsibility for any mistakes, information left out, the interrupted service, information erased, delays in operation, access without permission, or alterations that occur when a user or a member communicates.

    https://www.mizzthai.com/ is not liable for any malfunction of services, like telephone networks, computer internet systems, servers and suppliers, equipment; including any damage that could occur, like failure of emails because of technical issues, congested line due to high traffic on the network or a website, or a combination of both. It will not be the responsible of anyone who has computer related problems related to downloading material from this website or connected to the service. Mizz Thai under no circumstance will take the accountability for any damage or loss which includes death or injury that is related to the use of this website or due to any content that has been placed on this website or sent by its members. It will not accept any liability for any communications made among the members whether offline or online. The service is provided with the understanding that https://www.mizzthai.com/ management relinquishes any form of guarantee for any purpose or any particular reason or any violation. https://www.mizzthai.com/ cannot warrant any expectations of definite results from using the website and its service.

    10) Limitation on Accountability

    https://www.mizzthai.com/ under no circumstances will be held responsible to you or a 3rd party for any damages that arise using this website or its service. These may include indirect damages, incidental, cautionary or exceptional or retributive damages, and loss of profit for you upon using the website and its service even if https://www.mizzthai.com/ was notified of these damages. Nevertheless, for any issues not contained in the agreement, https://www.mizzthai.com/ ’s obligation to you for any reason whatsoever and whatever action taken will always be restricted to the sum paid if it is required by you for the duration of your membership and for the service.

    11) Disputes

    If you don’t agree to this website or any service that it provides, you approve that these disputes will be settled according to the law governed where we are established and if there is a difference in the law provided and you accept to personal legal representation and venue in which we are established.

    12) Indemnity

    You accept to compensate https://www.mizzthai.com/ and its partners, subsidiaries, representatives and other employees for any loss or claim which will include reasonable lawyer fees that occurs through any 3rd party because of the use of its services and violets this agreement or happened because of the breach of it or any other breach of your actions and warranties mentioned above.

    13) Other

    As soon as you start using the website, the agreement is regarded as accepted by you and is then further confirmed by you with becoming a member of this website. This agreement is between you and https://www.mizzthai.com/ regarding the use of the website and its services. If the site authority does not enforce any of the agreements, it does not act as the waiver of the agreement. The titles of the agreement are there only for ease of understanding and convenience, and they do not have any contractual or legal standing. Please get in touch with us directly if you have any queries about this agreement.

    14) Security of the Data

    https://www.mizzthai.com/ will not take any accountability for any data that is lost and it is also not accountable for keeping a backup of your private data which includes all your messages, photos or videos. https://www.mizzthai.com/ does not claim that the data is securely stored and it cannot be held responsible for any personal information that has been leaked through server problems or user related problems.

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