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Most foreigners, commonly known as Farang in Thailand, like Thai women. Thai women on the other hand like foreign men as well, due to a number of reasons. One may argue that money is what makes Thai women like foreign men. This notion is not farfetched, as Thailand has 12.5% of its population living below the poverty line. Thus, some may marry for money, while others may perhaps marry for prestige or even love.


Meeting a Potential Thailand Wife


Most foreigners who wish to marry a Thailand wife have no difficulty in finding one. Most places they hunt are in bars or through buying them straight from their home. Still, there are dating sites as well as sales people who help these foreigners in finding Thai wives.


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Why Have a Thai Wife?


Most foreigners marry Thai women for many reasons, including that they let you be the boss in the relationship, they don’t complain as much as western women do and that they make better housewives than western women. The latter can be in part due to their culture, which requires that they are trained on how to make good housewives as well as on how to make their husbands happy.


Challenges of having a Thai girl friend


All marriages have challenges, whether it is with your own race or with someone from a different race. Having a Thailand wife also has challenges that are probably not uncommon with marrying from other areas foreign to your home. One big challenge is the cultural responsibilities that come with marrying a Thai girl. Every Thai child grows up with the knowledge that they are supposed to show gratitude to their parents and take care of them till the time of their death. You will thus find that monetary support to her family will continue even after paying the girl’s dowry, and for a very long time.

Another challenge is when you marry a girl who does not know how to manage finances. They are sure to put a strain in your pockets, think you are mean when in fact you are trying to budget for everything and start complaining, unless you have a bottomless pit full of money. There is also the compatibility problem, as most of these wives are not well educated and may end up not being intellectually stimulating to some foreigners who value education as well as some enlightening conversations.


Some Pitfalls to Avoid


One of the ways foreigners use to meet a Thai wife, as mentioned earlier, is by going to bars. This approach may be quite easy, though the challenges will be many. Most of these bar girls are used to prostitution, and may find their way back to this even after marriage. Another pitfall is marrying her too soon, before getting to know her better. Yet, others reveal too much about themselves too early, making them vulnerable to revenge should the relationship go awry. Though these pitfalls are common even if you are not planning to marry a Thai wife, the implications may have far more damaging effects. Case in point is when you buy property in Thailand. This will have to go in her name, and upon divorce, it will be very hard for you to recover this property.